Contentious Probate

What is contentious probate?

Contentious probate relates to disputes which can occur during the administration of an estate after someone has passed away. This could include disagreements regarding an interpretation of a will, the estimated value of their assets, or reaching agreements between beneficiaries (or executors) who don’t see eye-to-eye.

How Mogers Drewett solicitors can help

Even the most watertight will can sometimes be disputed. If you are an executor or due to benefit under a will and you are experiencing difficulties, we can help. Our dispute resolution and private client teams will let you know where you stand and help you to resolve disputes quickly and sympathetically. Our services include:

  • Removing executors
  • Executors and trustees in breach of their duties
  • Defending claims by beneficiaries
  • Disputed powers of attorney
  • Disputed wills based on allegations of fraud, mental capacity, and undue influence


Meet the team

Luke Watson
Luke Watson