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Introducing the divorce trend where parents rotate homes

The term ‘bird-nesting’ is an arrangement whereby after separation, parents take turns to stay in the family home to care for the children. This means that rather than the children moving between separate homes to spend time with each parent, they remain in one familiar home environment while their parents alternate between staying in the family home and in alternative accommodation.

Bird-nesting has many advantages, most prominently it helps to allow a smooth transition between marriage, divorce, and living separately. The idea of bird-nesting may be motivated by trying to ensure stability and familiarity for the children, or to allow time for everyone in the family to adapt more slowly to the prospect of separation, for financial reasons or even to contemplate a reconciliation.

It is certainly the hope that options for more amicable separation routes between couples continue on an upward trend. This only seeks to be reinforced by the ‘no-fault’ divorce legislation that will be implemented, allowing couples to separate without assigning blame to either party. This is especially important where children are involved.

However it is clear that in order for this to remain a positive option for separation, parties must be on amicable terms from the outset, and have the same aspirations, end goals and timeframes. It may not be the most practical solution where one party is more reluctant for the relationship to end, and coming and going from the former family home is therefore a painful process. In addition, some children may find the process of each parent leaving and returning to the family home, confusing and unsettling.

There are various factors which will therefore influence whether this option is one that could potentially suit each families circumstances. As families are never  ‘one size fits all’  it can only be of benefit to have an additional option to consider in a challenging time for couples and their children in order to minimise any negative impact of separation.

If you are the process of separating or getting divorced and would like more information on the no-fault divorce and or bird nesting please get in touch with Laura today on 01225 750000 or email we are here to help.

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