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The responsibilities and duties of a company director

The Companies Act 2006 imposes certain general duties on a director of a UK limited company. The aim of this guide us to provide directors with an overview of these fundamental duties. What is my role as a director? A company acts through two bodies of people – its shareholders and its board of directors….

Protect your business with a pre-nup.

Entrepreneurs are typically driven, ambitious people who have plans in place to protect their business against the risks associated with bad luck, competition or the economy. But how many plan to minimise the emotional and financial costs of divorce upon their business? Contributions of homemaking and growing a business are considered of equal importance in…

How to contest a Will after Probate

Contentious probate claims relate to any dispute upon the contents of a deceased will, whether the deceased should have provided for individuals following their passing and how their estate is to be administered. Losing a loved one is difficult, but add to this a dispute and a sad situation can quickly become confrontational and complex….

Important Stamp Duty Update April 2021

The Government’s Stamp Duty holiday has been extended in England to end on June 30th, 2021. Up until 30 June 2021, stamp duty is paid when the purchase price exceeds £500,000. After this date a reduced amount of SDLT will be payable until 30th September. From the 1st July 2021, the threshold will reduce to £250,000 until…

Why you need a Lasting Powers of Attorney

A recent study carried out by Office of the Public Guardian* concluded that while approximately 40% of the UK population have a Will, only 1% have Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) in place. Many of those surveyed did not know what an LPA is, and those that did, believed that they would never need to…

Top ten points to consider when making a Will

A lengthy administrative process, disputes between family members and financial hardship are just some of the repercussions for families when a love one dies without making a Will. Despite the increased problems for loved ones left behind, it is estimated that 59%* of people in the UK still don’t have a Will. So where to…

What next after the Stamp Duty holiday ends?

The Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday which began on 8th July 2020 ends on 31st March 2021, so what will happen next? The SDLT holiday was introduced in order to be a “temporary relief to stimulate market activity and support jobs that rely on the property market”. It did this by raising the threshold…

Want to learn more about Power of Attorney? – Join our virtual event

Join our experts Kate Norris and Kat King and they answer questions on Power of Attorney and the importance of having one in place now whatever your age. For more details and to book your place please call Crandon Springs Care Home on 01749 301947

Practical tips for Managers to support employee health and wellbeing

As we enter a third lockdown and employees return to working from home again, HR Consultant Lucy Cotterell offers some guidance and tips aimed at helping managers to ensure they can support their team’s health and well-being. With the Centre for Mental Health charity predicting that up to 10 million people (almost 20% of the…

Proud to partner the Wiltshire Digital Drive

As many parents this week are faced with the prospect of two months of home schooling, we are proud to be the first corporate partner of Wiltshire Digital Drive (WDD). In an increasingly digital world we feel that no child should be left behind simply because they do not have access to the relevant I.T….