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For most people, having a job is an essential part of life. There are challenges in any workplace, so it is important to know what your rights are and how to resolve any issues that may come up.

We know that not all employment issues require a solicitor. Our team of employment specialists in Bath, Frome, Sherborne and Wells includes both solicitors and HR consultants, so that you can access the support that’s right for you.

So, whether you need advice on how to prevent a problem at work escalating, feel you are being discriminated against or need help negotiating the best package, we can provide you with the advice that you need.

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Our Employment Law services for HR Matters include:

Resolving disputes

If you have a problem at work, our team can help you understand how to resolve it, whether you’re sorting things out informally, taking out a grievance or making a claim to an employment tribunal.

Understanding your workplace rights

Employment rights are designed to balance the expectations of the job with the fair treatment of the employee doing it. Your exact employment rights will vary depending on the kind of job you do, the arrangement you have with your employer and many other variables. But it is important that you understand your rights to avoid being treated unfairly by your employer. Our team can help advise on your maternity or paternity rights, your right to work remotely or the support available for long-term health conditions such as Long Covid.

Workplace Rights Explained 

Specialist advice for senior executives, directors & shareholders

Many employment issues relate specifically to senior executives. In our experience, the increased pay, bonuses and benefits for senior executives and directors usually come hand in hand with more restrictions and duties – such as restrictive covenants and increased notice periods. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in drafting, negotiating and advising on such agreements in order to get the best deal for you.

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If you need advice on an employment matter, contact our team of employment & HR experts on: 0800 533 5349 or enquiries@mogersdrewett.com

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The cost involved will depend on a number of different factors, all of which are unique to the individual. See more information about our pricing

The time that it takes from receiving your initial instructions to the final resolution of your case depends largely on the stage at which your issue is resolved. As an estimate, the process is likely to take six to nine months, but we will be able to give you a more accurate timescale once we know more about your personal circumstances.

Managing Partner & Employment Solicitor Sean McDonough supervises the team of employment and HR specialists in Bath, Sherborne & Wells.

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