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Estate planning is not just about reducing tax. It’s an important way to ensure all your assets are protected and divided according to your wishes in the event of your death.

Will and estate planning can give you peace of mind for the future, knowing you have enough for your retirement while still being able to provide for your loved ones in the future. Our expert estate planning team, based in Bath, Frome, Sherborne and Wells, can offer a range of legal and tax expertise to help you plan well for the future you want.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Advising and drafting Wills – so your wishes are acted upon
  • Inheritance tax planning – ensuring your loved ones receive the full benefit of your estate
  • Trusts – setting up, registering and administering trusts to manage money, property or investments for specific people or purposes
  • International estate planning – making sure your estate is not subject to tax in multiple jurisdictions
  • Nominating a guardian/s – to ensure your children are taken care of if you are no longer able to
  • Succession planning – planning for the future so your business continues to thrive
  • Planning for care home fees – ensuring your assets aren’t depleted in later life

Every family is different and every estate is unique. Our team of estate planners are experienced in dealing with a wide range of estates including complex estates, with international elements. Where appropriate, we work with our in-house financial planners at MDFP to create a bespoke financial and legal plan that works for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Your estate is essentially everything you own, including your home and other property, car, bank accounts, investments, pension, life insurance, furniture and personal possessions.

An estate plan gives you a say in how your possessions are given to the people or organisations you care about. It arranges your affairs and leaves a written record of your wishes and intentions. Basically, it details how you want your property, belongings, cash and financial assets distributed, and to whom.

Estate planning helps to minimise tax, avoid legal tie-ups and ensures your wishes are followed. Importantly, if you die without a surviving spouse/parent to take care of your children, you can express who you would like to have custody of them.

Everyone, regardless of financial status or age, can benefit from having an estate plan – assuming you have assets to leave and people to leave them to.

Estate planning protects your personal assets, including some aspects of your business. Succession planning focuses exclusively on safeguarding the continued operation of a business. Estate planning doesn’t guarantee the continuation of your business, but focuses on the distribution of your assets.

It is recommended that an estate plan should be started the moment you become a legal adult, with an update every three to five years. While we understand that for most young adults putting an estate plan in place is not a priority, there are a few life events that should prompt you to put in place or update your estate plan, no matter how old you are.

These include:

  • Home ownership
  • Marriage
  • Birth of children/grandchildren
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance

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