Court of Protection

The Court of Protection supervises the financial affairs of people who, for whatever reasons and at whatever stage of life, have lost the mental capacity to manage matters themselves. Supervision will take place through the appointment of an Attorney (appointed in advance by the person themselves) or a Deputy (appointed by the Court after the event).

Deputies and Attorneys act as “fiduciaries” and must only act within the powers conferred upon them. They must treat the interests of the person who has lost capacity as paramount and keep their own finances completely separate. Acting in either capacity is a potentially onerous duty and various, complicated rules must be observed.

Deputies and Attorneys must at least consider taking financial advice from a person who is properly authorised, sufficiently knowledgeable and, we would suggest, experienced.

The very significant roles and responsibilities of Deputies and Attorneys are often not fully understood – and we often find ourselves providing advice to families to ensure that they are.

We fully understand the duties and responsibilities placed upon Deputies and Attorneys. In addition to being properly authorised, we are highly experienced and very knowledgeable in this field and well placed to provide any financial advice which may be required.

Engaging our services can provide an additional degree of guidance and protection for anyone instructing us in either capacity.

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