Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

When a catastrophic or debilitating injury occurs, the injured party and their family often face a daunting task in ensuring the correct decisions are taken to provide long-term financial security and to cover the cost of any required care.

At such difficult times regular, face-to-face communication is crucial to allow us to understand personal circumstances, requirements and goals. This is particularly so with Court of Protection cases, where frequent advice can be needed in response to changing circumstances.

Because so many claims of this nature can take some time to come to fruition, and the fact that settlements may be required to fund a person’s situation for many years to come, we offer advice to claimants and their legal advisers on the appropriate structure of an award – particularly in relation to Periodical Payment viability.

We are also equipped to advise on interim payments and our cashflow modelling techniques can assist in assessing the implications of offering or accepting Part 36 offers.

Once the claim has been settled we then specialise in designing appropriate financial planning and investment strategies to ensure, as far as possible, that the award is able to meet the claimant’s (often evolving) needs throughout the rest of their life.

This process will invariably involve us ensuring that all rights to state benefits and statutory funding are fully understood and protected. It may also make use of particular tax mitigation arrangements available to people in this position.

We use our specialist knowledge and cash flow modelling techniques to ensure that the required return on investment is as fully understood as it can be.

We also work with a range of specialist investment managers; and often, particularly in more complex and higher value cases, we will combine a range of different investment strategies and managers to achieve different target returns over different timescales with a view to reducing risk and providing a higher degree of security for the injured party.

In sensitive and challenging cases, a close relationship between the legal advisers, the claimant or their representative, the carers the financial planner is essential. Centurion Wealth places great emphasis on a partnership approach in order to meet the injured party’s needs.

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