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John Grace

Risk and Compliance Manager Risk and Compliance | Wells
Direct: 01749 835273
Office: 01749 342323
Mob: 07596 299 850

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I am a Solicitor specialising in Risk and Compliance within law firms.

I deal with all aspects of risk for and internal compliance by members of staff. My aim is to minimise the administrative burden of compliance for everyone in the firm, so that they can maximise their time dealing with clients by working in a risk aware way.

Outside of the office, I am into studying history as part of a degree, which has taken far too long to complete and go to the theatre and cinema whenever I can.


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How do the new Covid tier restrictions impact on children with separated parents?

The new Covid restrictions provide an additional challenge for children who have separated parents. For example, a child might have a mother living in Liverpool, which is in Tier 3, and a father living in Bath, listed in Tier 1. Whilst it was clarified during the national lockdown that children were able to move between…

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The future after Furlough

As the Coronavirus Job Replacement Scheme (CJRS) draws to a close on 31 October 2020 and the pandemic continues with the introduction of new restrictions, employers need to look to the future and consider the new options available to support their businesses. Employment Partner, Sean McDonough outlines some of the options in his latest article….

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Contact with your grandchild following divorce or separation

For most, memories of spending time with their grandparents will be fond and cherished ones, and vice versa. For many working couples, grandparents also provide valuable child care support for their grandchildren. However, when a couple decide to separate, the focus tends to be on when each of the parents will spend time with the…

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