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The Trustee Act 2000 imposes various, quite onerous duties upon trustees, including a statutory duty of care to obtain and consider proper advice when making trust investments and keeping them under regular review.

Trustees must also specifically have regard to the need to diversify investments and to ensure that investments are “suitable” to the terms and objectives of the trust. They must also periodically review investments.

Trustees also have to pay particular attention to the risk profile of investments: different forms of trust have different tax implications, some of which can be relatively complex and expensive. Every trust will also have its own particular set of rules and its own particular set of beneficiaries, the need for liquidity and the needs and rights of each beneficiary can vary dramatically.

Simply put, therefore, a trust investment strategy can be quite complicated – often best served by securing expert and independent advice.

We have a great deal of experience in this field and our team holds specialist qualifications, including Membership of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners. The range of investment managers we work with enables us to establish an appropriate strategy for any form of trust.

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