Trust Administration

Our dedicated team of trust administrators can help with the day to day running of the trusts. Trustees have a duty to ensure that the trust is managed appropriately and effectively.  If the trustees fail to ensure that the administration is kept up to date they could be personally liable for any failings.  Our trust administrators are here to ensure that does not happen.

Our trust administrators can help you:

  • Draft annual trust accounts;
  • Complete and submit the annual trust tax return;
  • Calculate any income or capital gains tax due;
  • Arrange the annual trustees meeting to review the trust and trust assets;
  • Liaise with the investment manager and ensure that they are managing the trust investments appropriately;
  • Managing any other trust assets, including properties;
  • Liaising between you and the trust beneficiaries, regarding their entitlements and the performance of the trust assets;
  • Advising on inheritance tax charges including the 10 year anniversary charge and other periodic charges;
  • Acting as a central point of contact between any other professionals involved in the management of the trust, including accounts, investment managers and land agents;
  • Dealing with obligations associated with trust compliance including FATCA.
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Meet the team

Emma Kay
Emma Kay
Legal Assistant
Paul Gainey
Paul Gainey
Trust Administrator
Emma Coate (NÉE Batstone)
Emma Coate (NÉE Batstone)
Associate Solicitor
Sarah Clacker
Sarah Clacker
Senior Associate Solicitor

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