Bringing Real Pasta to Wells

Three Year ago Jazz Hands Pasta joined Wells Farmers Market on a mission to educate us away from mass produced supermarket  pasta and convert us to  the quality of traditional artisan pasta. It was an ambitious brief but in that short time they are certainly heading in the right direction. In three years of business they have expanded from a small room at home to a 2,000 square foot facility and produce a range of 20 pasta types and 26 different types of ravioli supplying many fine food stores and restaurants. Yet they remain staunchly loyal to the Wells Farmers Market whose customer base initially gave them faith that there would be a demand for their product and a network of other local producers who have become their suppliers for the local ingredients!

Each year has seen the company win the coveted Gold stars from the Guild of Fine Food’s,  Great Taste Awards – which are the Epicurean equivalent of the ‘Booker Prize’ this year winning gold stars for their Basil Pesto and gluten free pasta!

The pasta itself is truly a delight to the eye but sets itself apart from commercial pastas in many ways .It is produced in small batches extruded through traditional bronze dyes ensuring an exceptional texture and rough surface to optimize sauce adhesion. The accompanying sauces are slow cooked in open pans, seasoned and reduced to create the perfect flavour with nothing artificial added and include rich beef ragu and a range of peperoncino peasant sauces.

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