Divorce – DIY, Hybrid or Full Legal?

Whilst we are a society built on the service industry, the internet has made us all a bit more confident to have a go and DIY. Whether it is putting together furniture from Ikea or booking our own travel, the idea that we can save ourselves money is a big attraction.

But what about DIY Divorce? Well, if you search online for ‘divorce’ it will not take long to find one for £100. But what do you actually get?

In reality you get the forms and some basic instructions. It is £550 to issue divorce at court regardless of where you live and whether you are using a professional or DIY, so the £100 quote is meaningless. There are a few sites stating that you can get divorced and then think about a financial settlement but this could result in one party being financially disadvantaged. Divorce should be linked with a financial settlement, as there are items that can only pass freely between husband and wife prior to the decree absolute being made.

There are pitfalls of going it alone but that is not to say it is not the right choice for some. Alternatively a hybrid option could be the best solution, where you seek advice initially before going it alone. An initial consultation with a professional, who can understand your specific circumstances and then outline the various options available to you, would ensure you were more informed about the process ahead and therefore what direction is best for you want to take.

We understand how difficult making the decision to separate is, the impact this can have on you emotionally and that of your family is huge. To help our clients at this time and to understand the divorce process and its interplay with a financial settlement we are offer an initial fixed fee consultation.

During the consultation we will take you through the process, evaluate your assets and provide you with possible outcomes. You will leave with information about the process, details as to what the court will and will not take into consideration when dividing up your assets and an indication of outcome.

If you are considering separating from your partner please get in touch today with our family team by calling 01935 813691 or email Simon.walker@mogersdrewett.com. We are here to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about whether to DIY, hybrid or take the full legal advice option.

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