Farm Business Tenancy

Agricultural tenancies – security in knowing

Farm business tenancy agreements are always very particular to circumstances and must be tailored to suit both landlord and tenant. If you need our services it would be as well to get a full understanding of the implications for you, your business, and your family, be it from a tenant’s or landlord’s perspective, at the earliest possible stage. Mogers Drewett solicitors can help you with:

Farm Business Tenancies

  • Creating new Farm Business Tenancy agreements
  • Advice on existing FBTs with regards to occupation rights and compensation claims
  • Share farming and contract agreements
  • Profit of pasturage agreements
  • Grazing licences
  • Single Farm Payment Scheme advice

Agricultural Tenancies Act

  • Resolving issues regarding tenancy termination
  • Investigating current tenancy agreements
  • Dealing with Agricultural Land Tribunal proceedings
  • General tenancy disagreement resolution
  • Succession dispute advice for tenants or landlords


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