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Mogers Drewett adopts a ‘dress for your day’ policy

The look and feel of our workplaces are changing. Professional dress is evolving. Casual Friday has been around for decades, and casual dress has been the norm in some industries for many years. This year we have seen the emergence of the ‘dress for your day’ policy across professional services organisations.

Introducing a ‘dress for your day’ policy allows employees to choose what they want to wear to work based on their schedule. This could mean jeans and trainers for a day in the office, or a suit or blazer for days when client meetings are on the agenda. Having the freedom to dress for their day is expected to be empowering for our staff members and positively impact employees’ productivity and morale.

Karen Sherwin, Head of HR at Mogers Drewett, says “We are a very people focused firm, from both an employee and client perspective. We trust people to dress according to the day they have ahead.  Everyone here is very professional and passionate about what they do and we trust them to decide what to wear without being prescriptive about it.”

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