Mogers Drewett proud to support local families

A large area of our work in the Family Team at Mogers Drewett involves us assisting our clients in making arrangements for their children. We are committed to providing advice and support which enables families to ensure that their children’s welfare is prioritised, in order to allow them to thrive even when their parents are going through a difficult period.

To support families in our area, we are delighted to have teamed up with the Wiltshire Digital Drive (WDD). In an increasingly digital world, and with the Coronavirus pandemic meaning that home-schooling has been more common place, we feel that no child should be left behind simply because they do not have access to the relevant I.T.

By refurbishing laptops for school children and young people in the region WDD is working hard to bridge the digital divide and enabling education in Wiltshire for everyone and we are very proud to be their first corporate partner.

For more information on how you can get involved and make a difference to the lives of many people in our community visit the website today

Mogers Drewett

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