Mapping a Path to Financial Control with Stuart Doughty

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Your Money & Your Life
Mapping a Path to Financial Control with Stuart Doughty

According to the latest statistics from the Money & Pensions Service, most of us would benefit from using a “Sat Nav”, to help plan our journey towards financial peace of mind.

“63% of us don’t feel in control of our lives when it comes to money”

According to the survey, almost two-thirds of the UK adult population would be more adept at planning their annual vacation than their mid to long-term financial future.  81% of us would simply avoid talking about money matters altogether.

Why do we shy away from understanding such an important aspect of our lives?

In this podcast we invite Stuart Doughty, Director of Mogers Drewett Financial Planning (MDFP), to help us navigate our way through the maze of information and life events to help us be better prepared for our future.

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Podcast outline

  • Intro – Stuart’s career and interests
  • Money & pensions service survey
  • Fear of finances
  • Cost of living crisis – short-term tips/ measures to save money
  • Financial security – longer-term goal setting and planning

Next steps – contact Stuart Doughty by email or call: 01225 308333

More about Stuart..

I have worked in banking and finance since 1985 and have advised clients since 1992 and gained blue chip experience with Barclays, Aviva and Eversheds prior to moving to Cavendish Grant (Bath) in 2001. I specialise on relationship centric private client work and the long-term management of post-settlement Personal Injury cases. Outside of work I am now Chair to the Advisory Board at Team Bath Netball and Board member to Vitality Netball Super league.