The Parents Promise

Recently, I came across The Parents Promise and was staggered to read that 280,000 children (a similar number to the size of the population of Newcastle!) experience a family separation each year.

There is no doubt that a family separation has an impact on children. They can have feelings of loss and there can be lots of change; for instance, sometimes children have to move house and schools as well as dealing with the separation of their parents. In fact, The Parents Promise reports that the primary reasons for children being referred to counselling are the effects of a family breakdown.

Whilst it may not be possible for a child to be completely untouched by their parents separating there are ways that this can be made easier for children.

The Parents Promise asks parents to make a commitment to put their children’s needs first and recognise that children need a relationship with both of them. It also asks parents to be respectful to one another and never tell lies about each other.

At Mogers Drewett, we pride ourselves at working in a way which places children’s best interests at the forefront. That is why we are supporting The Parents Promise.

Mogers Drewett

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