Yeovil Farmers Market nurtures home grown producers

Established nearly four years ago, so still in its infancy compared to many of the other Somerset Farmers’ Markets, Yeovil Farmers Market has quickly made its mark on the town.  It enjoys a central position at the top of pedestrianised Middle Street on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9am to 2pm.

From the start, farmers’ market favourites such as West Country Water Buffalo, the Somerset Cheese Company and Taylors Traditional Bakers were included, but the intervening years have seen the development of a network of new Yeovil based food businesses including pig farmers, game dealers and bakers who strengthen the market’s links to the community by showcasing the talents of its local population!

One of these is Sam’s Pigs from nearby Halstock where the Halliday family have farmed for over a hundred years. However, it was not until young Sam Halliday received an issue of ‘Practical Pigs’ for Christmas in 2010 that the idea for the new pork enterprise was born and the first Oxford Sandy and Black rare breed weaners arrived a couple of months later.

They are a tasty, traditional and visually pleasing pig and they are reared on an area of woodland so that they can supplement their diet with natural foraging opportunities resulting in pork of the highest quality.  Sam has already collected a Taste of the West award for his sausages and established a loyal local customer base at the Yeovil Farmers’ Market.  In addition you can pick up ’Sam’s Honey’ courtesy of their 12 beehives.

Another new family run Yeovil enterprise is Barwick based Cottage Game run by Simon and Jenny Potter who use their close links with local shoots to provide a wide selection of game to butchers, farm shops, restaurants and of course Yeovil Farmers’ Market where customers have been delighted with the quality and range available.  Simon and Jenny can also be found cooking up their cranberry, pheasant and rosemary burgers to eat hot on the day!

Also about to launch at the market is farmer’s wife Sam Loader from Yeovil Marsh whose passion for baking is being shared with Yeovil under the banner of ‘Love my Cake’- I’m sure we will!

For more information about the market visit www.Somersetfarmersmarkets.co.uk

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