FAQs About Wills & Trusts – What happens if I die without a Will?

In the second mini blog in the series of FAQs about Wills and Trusts, Annie James explains what happens if you die without a Will in place. 

Wills are used to direct how your assets are dealt with after your death. If you die without a Will in place, your assets will pass in accordance with a set of rules decided by the Government; the Intestacy Rules.

So, where do my assets go?

This depends on who you leave behind. The flowchart below shows how the Intestacy Rules are applied.

Click here for a printable version of the flowchart.

Who will deal with my estate?

The person with the greatest entitlement to your assets has the right to act for your estate.  If that person does not wish to, or for any reason cannot, the person with the second greatest entitlement to your estate has the right to act.

I am not married to my partner, do they have the same entitlement as a spouse/civil partner?

No.  Your unmarried partner will not receive anything from your estate under the Intestacy Rules.

If you do not wish for your assets to pass in accordance with the Intestacy Rules or you wish to discuss your options further, please do contact the Wills Team at Mogers Drewett.

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