Has lockdown forced you to separate again?

Exiting a relationship is always tricky and takes us through a journey of bereavement whether we are the one that is leaving or the one who is being left. The process of bereavement requires us to enter into various stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

For many couples this year who having made the decision to divorce and having had the difficult conversation your family and then found themselves in ‘lockdown’ with their partner the last few months will have undoubtedly been difficult.

For some forced together in lockdown, time together could result in a mutual desire to work on their relationship, while others may have been able to put their differences to one side to get through lockdown but both ultimately accepted that the relationship was over.

For those couples where lockdown left one party starting to question whether they wanted a divorce at all while the other still adamant that divorce was the only option.  Then the process of acceptance and denial starts all over again.

We as family lawyers are not therapists but we become acutely aware of the emotional difficulty that our clients are experiencing and it is this awareness that helps us in guiding and challenging our client to help them reach the divorce and financial separation that will suit them and their family.

If you are coming out of lockdown and you had decided, and informed you partner that your marriage was over what you now need to deal with is the practicalities of how you separation and whether that can be achieved without the need for a battle or further hurt.

At Mogers Drewett the Family team care passionately about helping our clients, make the right choices for them and their family. Please contact Simon Walker on 01935 813 691 or email simon.walker@mogersdrewett.com

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