Is your business at risk from a cyber attack?

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Government Security Group (GSG) in the Cabinet Office have warned all UK organisations of the increased potential for cyber-attacks due to the current situation in Eastern Europe.

You may have great cyber security systems in place, but you can never be 100% safe.   Everyone in your organisation must be extra vigilant about the risks that you face. In particular:

  • Do not open any attachment or click on any link unless you are certain that you know who it is from.
  • Look for all the obvious warning signs in the emails that you receive, such as
    • unusual contents,
    • unknown senders,
    • poor use of grammar and spelling mistakes,
    • unknown senders, and
    • email addresses which do not quite seem right.

If you are worried that your team or security system may be leaving your business exposed to a potential attack speak to our Compliance Manager today. John Grace has extensive experience in advising business and training teams on how to prevent cyber attacks. Get in touch with John today on 01749 342 323 or email we are here to help.

Mogers Drewett

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