Mogers Drewett LLP now offers Mediation Services for families

Law firm Mogers Drewett LLP has launched its new Mediation Service to help families try and resolve any issues they may have as a result of divorce or separation. The service addresses new court rules that came into force in April 2014 which stated that before any application is initiated in relation to finances or children, there is a requirement to attend Mediation.

“The breakdown of a relationship is invariably a very difficult time, especially when it comes to the issue of children and finances,” explained Victoria Strode, Solicitor at Mogers Drewett. “Since April 2014, both parties now need to meet with a trained mediator to work through any issues they are not able to resolve together. Mediation is often seen as the most cost effective way that people can resolve issues arising from a relationship breakdown. The mediator’s role is always to be impartial and neutral. As such, the Mediator can only provide information but not advice. Sometimes people have their own solicitors whilst in the mediation process so they can take advice between mediation sessions about what was discussed.

“Face to face meetings between both parties are almost always better as Mediation is the process through which both parties make proposals together, and it is also likely to save time. However, if this is difficult there are alternatives, such as meeting with the mediator on separate days, or both meeting at the same time and place, but in two separate rooms.

“Our Mediation Service adheres to the core principles of impartiality and confidentiality, are without prejudice, and are voluntary, which means if at any stage either or the parties do not feel comfortable continuing with Mediation, there is no obligation to do so. This new service further complements the wide range of other professional services delivered by Mogers Drewett. However, it should be noted our Mediation Service does not cover publicly funded (Legal Aid) Mediation. As such we are only able to take enquiries for privately funded Mediation.”

Mogers Drewett has offices in Bath, Sherborne and Wells and a satellite office at Frome market.  The company provides a full range of legal services for commercial clients and private individuals.

Mogers Drewett

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